What to Know About Dog Racing (part 3)

By | June 26, 2020

Myocardial volume is 12 compared to 4 in humans. Muscles are fed with adequate oxygen. The breathing volume is too large and the tail serves as a counterweight when turning. The hunting dog is extremely sensitive to small moving animals such as rabbits, cats, chickens, etc., and has a fast speed of 60 km / h thanks to its tall and firm body that is not suitable for farming at home. . Look fierce, but this breed can not distinguish the owner and the thief, ready to obediently lead to theft. Its wild and powerful presence is always evident in every step.

The life expectancy of these dogs is only about 6-8 years. Past those times they are no longer racing. The dogs that race well are kept for breeding. The rest were injected with a shot of Putsleep, which is a powerful anesthetic to kill them, dogs who are unable to return to the track as a death sentence. These dogs are very affectionate with their owners, they are gentle, friendly with humans and never bite people. Dog owners also do not ask these dogs for adoption because they do not know how to steal, moreover because of their hunting instinct, they should raise any pets in their houses. In general, Greyhound dogs are very gentle, never bite people and live very affectionately and if well trained and specialized dogs will learn the behaviors of domestic dogs, poaching.

The racing dog diet is also very special, very expensive. This breed can only eat Kangaroo meat imported from Australia and canned food, sometimes they eat beef, chicken neck cooked and pureed. All food is imported from abroad. Each stage of the diet for each animal is different. During the adult period, the food is usually cooked, and the children start the training period to become a professional athlete, they start to eat raw meat and dry food. If the dry food imported from Thailand is not guaranteed, the racing dogs will suffer from kidney stones and die.

Breakfast is a snack starting at 9:30 and usually has 100 grams of kangaroo meat, bananas, dried food. The main meal at 4:15 pm consists of about 500 grams of Kangaroo meat, 350 grams of dry food mixed with beef bone juice. Starting at 11:30 am, the dogs will be fed lunch with a portion of 300gr of Kangaroo meat and 200gr of dry food. After the meal, they rested, until 2 o’clock, the massage started to start for the more strenuous training. Your dog’s daily allowance is higher than that of a trainer. The animals that chose to compete were injected with multivitamins, toenails and only fed snacks.