Top 5 most expensive horse breeds

By | March 18, 2020

1.Thoroughbred horse

The breed was bred in England specifically for racing. It is considered to be the fastest horse in the world, reaching speeds of up to 60 km per hour. Extremely valuable breed, foals are sold only at auctions. The cost of one varies between 5-10 million dollars. They have a lean backbone with sharply protruding tendons. The musculature is dense. The head is dry with a straight thin neck. Oval croup, constriction of the thoracic cage. The legs are long and very powerful. Hooves are strong. The breed lives on average up to 20 years, requires special conditions of maintenance and diet. It is characterized by an energetic independent disposition, well-trained.

Horses have been walking side by side with people for centuries. They were used to help with household chores, travel, and participate in military operations. Today, animals perform an aesthetic role – they are shown at exhibitions and equestrian competitions. Beautiful and expensive horses are the pride of their owners, an indicator of their status and financial security.

2.Arabian horse

One of the oldest and most expensive breeds of horses. An adult horse is worth several million dollars. The Arabian horse was bred in the IV century ad. the Height of stallions at the withers – 153 cm, mares – up to 150 cm, weight-up to 450 and 430 kg, respectively. Horses are distinguished by a regular and dense lean physique. The head is straight with a long beautiful neck. Croup straight, tail set high. Traditional suits: gray and Bay. The Arabian horse is a long – lived animal. The animal lives up to 30 years . Mares breed until old age, producing strong healthy offspring. The character of the animal is docile, loyal.

3.American Trotter

The breed, which today bears the title “the fastest trotting horse“, was bred in the United States in the first half of the XIX century . Kindness, courage, cleanliness – the traits of this breed. Traditional suits: dark Bay, black and red. The height at the withers – up to 157 see Have a well-built , powerful physique. The body is thin with rounded ribs. Straight strong back. The chest is perfectly developed. The breed is divided into three lines. The cost of a foal from a winning racehorse reaches $40000-50000.