The Dog Sled Race in Kamchatka, Russia

By | April 16, 2020

The dog sled contest has been held annually on the Kamchatka Peninsula since 1990. It is increasingly attracting more participants.

Dog sleds are an important means of transportation in the Arctic region, helping transport and travel in areas inaccessible by other methods. They have successfully used sled dogs in expeditions of both polar regions, as well as in the process of finding gold in Alaska. The sled dogs deliver letters to communities in Alaska and Northern Canada. They are used for entertainment purposes, and during dog racing events like Iditarod and Yukon Quest.

Snow covered almost 9 months of the year, the Russian Kamchatka Peninsula has long become one of the best places in the world to host snow-related contests. Recently, the annual dog sled contest took place very excitedly here, attracting the attention of local residents and many tourists.

Beringia is the strait name that separates Russia and North America. And it is also the name of the dog sled race held annually on the Kamchatka Peninsula. For centuries sled dogs have been a traditional means of transportation in this icy and remote peninsula of Russia. Until now, this means is still preserved as a unique cultural and historical lifestyle of the land.

This year’s Beringia sled dog race officially started on March 1, but was kicked off early by a warm-up race between 15 trailers. Usually each car has from 8 to 14 dogs. The average speed of each vehicle is about 15km / h.

Nearly 1,100 km is the way the sled dogs in Kamchatka have to overcome this year. This is not the longest distance. In 1992, the race was recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records for a distance of 2,000 km.

Dog sleds are a traditional means of transportation in Kamchatka for centuries and the competition is considered one of the most popular sporting events for locals.

The organizers said, as a rule, each sleigh is pulled by 4 dogs. To win the competition, the owner and the dogs must have a good coordination.

There are many dog breeds participating in this year’s competition, the most popular being the sled dog breed in Siberia, the large Alaskan dog, the Siberian white dog, etc.