Pigeon racing in Shanghai: Cheating 1.09 million yuan

By | August 9, 2020

In China, pigeon racing is seen as a luxury hobby. The competition is extremely fierce. The bird riders will do whatever they can for glory.

At the 16th annual Shanghai pigeon race in April, birds owned by coaches Gong and Zhang took the top four spots – all completing the fast race. suspect. The contest saw hundreds of well-trained pigeons, flying more than 700km from Henan to Shanghai.

According to Legal Daily, it turned out that instead of Shanghai, two men told the bird to fly to the place near the starting line and waited there. When the race kicked off on April 29, they picked up the birds, stuffed them into milk cartons and took them aboard a speedboat to Shanghai.

After that, on the afternoon of May 1, Gong and Zhang released the birds so they could blend into the pigeon breeding sites in Shanghai. While the competitors were tired of the time, the birds of the other two flew from nowhere to the finish line, holding from first to fourth prize. The total amount of money they make is up to 1.09 million yuan.

However, the miraculously rapid completion of the 700km race caused other pigeon racers to express their doubts soon. Cong and Truong continued to bring everyone into the show by announcing that one of the children flew away, the child was dead sick so they refused to accept the prize money. Considering the behavior of the two guys, the Shanghai Pigeon Racing Association filed a lawsuit against them.

Last week, Cong and Zhang both bowed to plead guilty in the Shanghai court. However, since they refused to accept the bonus in the first place, the penalty was reduced: Both were banned for 3 years. In addition, as the first one, Cong was fined 30,000 yuan while Truong was fined 20,000 yuan.