Horse Racing Wants New Blood. Or Does It?

By | December 13, 2020

In advance this year, the son of an established family buddy referred to as me and said that he had claimed an 8-year-old gelding the previous summer, and he had raced a dozen or so times for him, however now he changed into nine, and he was concerned approximately him. He desired to make certain that he retired him sound, in order that he may want to have a 2nd career. After six or seven years at the track, he had earned it, he said.

He requested my recommendation, and that i had him touch Anna Ford at New Vocations, who stated she would make room for him. It supposed that he could lose cash on the horse, and that he would be the one to fund a retirement from a profession for which he changed into only in brief accountable, but he insisted upon doing the proper thing, despite the fact that his teacher felt he should still run efficaciously.

However when Miller went to Aqueduct remaining week to apply for a jockey’s agent’s license, he become told that not handiest turned into he unqualified, but that he was unqualified to even sit down for the check to determine if he became qualified.

In reality, Miller graduated from the Stevens Institute of generation at the pinnacle of his elegance with a Bachelor of technological know-how diploma in Finance. Now an MBA candidate who earned his actual estate license in his spare time this summer, he’s the son of a prominent cancer professional and racehorse owner. He grew up going to the racetrack, spends maximum days handicapping, and has received a chunk of cash on the ponies.

He has been recognised to deliver home a stray canine or two, did seven years of weekly volunteer service at the unique Olympics as an assistant swim teach, is polite, smart, and well-spoken. He designed an app to offer unfastened college tutoring to underneath-privileged college students. Any enterprise would be happy to have him.

Miller become presented the process as jockey agent for Ferrin Peterson, but has been deemed by way of the big apple country Gaming commission as unqualified due to the fact he has no fingers-on horse enjoy on the backstretch. permit’s positioned apart for a second that being a jockey’s agent requires no hands-on horse experience.

I have recognized Miller for his entire existence, knew he became seeking to get into racing in a larger way, and his father has helped out more racetrack families with take care of their cancer- cherished ones than i’m able to count number. I should know. My circle of relatives was the primary.

She met with him, thought he changed into the appropriate healthy, and presented him the job.

But a rule on the the big apple Gaming fee books reads that “a license to be a jockey’s agent may be to start with issued handiest to an applicant who…has been licensed and has acted as an exercising person, apprentice jockey, jockey, assistant teacher or trainer in this or some other jurisdiction for at least 12 months.”