Goat Racing: Goats make money in Africa

By | July 28, 2020

These goats can raise hundreds of thousands of dollars each year for charities, in addition to being one of the main cattle in Tanzania.

The goat race in Dar es Salaam was born in 2001. Since then, the event has raised more than 9 million USD for many charities. Particularly in 2014, the goat race earned more than 487,000 USD.

Each year, the goat racing festival has a different theme, guiding participants to wear clothes on that theme. Visitors track 7 races throughout the afternoon, 30 minutes each time with 10 goats on the track

Before each race, guests can bet – the main donation activity of the goat racing charity Dar es Salaam. You can bet at least 2,500 shillings ($ 1) for each goat before a 15-minute race. The winner will receive a minimum of 6,000 shillings (57 USD) or a large sum depending on the amount you bet. The money lost to the guest will be transferred to charity.

While everyone was betting, goats carried by the boys marched around the yard. Leading the way is the trumpet, wearing a Scottland skirt. In essence, goats do not have the “athlete blood” like horses. They just run because all the others run and there’s a nudge at the back. The goat that appears at the first destination will be the winner.

Humorous race makes viewers happier than stressful racing. In particular, the goats participating in the race whether losing or winning are not killed or mistreated. The care of goats is a top priority of the organizers, there is always a veterinarian watching them throughout the event.

In addition to the race, the event has many other activities such as performing music, performing African dances, painting faces for children … In 2015, Kid’s Corner area for children was large scale, more exciting activities every year. The 5-hour event brings a lot of impressions to visitors. Ticket price: 4.5 USD – adults; 2.27 USD for children under 12 years old.

The original goat racing concept was brought from Uganda. In 1993, some members of the Uganda business community came up with an innovative way to raise money in a new way. They introduced the idea of ​​goat racing based on the UK Royal Ascot horse race model but with a more suitable version for East Africa – replacing horses with goats.

Although not a traditional Tanzanian activity, the goat race is one of the major events of the year for tourists. The event is usually held from late May to early June in the winter in Dar es Salaam.