Festival of San Fermin: Famous Bull Race in Spain (part 2)

By | August 31, 2020

At this festival, gaurs will face gaur gladiators. They waited for them in the bullfighting field to fight. Courageous, crazy, wonderful and scary are words that people often refer to when talking about the San Fermin festival in Pamplona. These cows can weigh more than 600kg. From 1924 until now, they have killed 15 people.

Participants must be over 18 years old, run in the same direction as the cow and must not drink alcohol while running. Any action that prevents the 6 cows from reaching the finish line, running behind or teasing or teasing the cows is prohibited.

Although there is no formal dress code to wear when participating in a bull run festival, people often wear the same style. People usually wear white pants, a white shirt and a red scarf tied around the waist and neck.

As everyone knows, gaur is an aggressive animal, especially when provoked by moving objects that many people mistakenly think is due to the color red. Therefore, the participants are also very vulnerable to attacks.

According to statistics, within the last 7 days of the festival, 5 people were injured and hospitalized and 2 people were slightly injured by bulls in the race event with gaurs. On the first day of the festival, at least 3 people were gashed by cows, including a Spaniard and two American citizens, of which a 46-year-old man had to undergo surgery due to a cow stabbing in the neck. Two other people were also hospitalized with head injuries.

The festival running with gaurs has also met with many criticisms for its cruel treatment of the cows, as well as danger to the participants. But this festival has been maintained, even becoming a very important festival in Spain.

Over time, this traditional festival has added many other interesting activities such as fairs, music, acrobatic competitions, bull racing and bullfighting, which also contribute to the exciting festival. is interested in many tourists.

Although the Spanish Gaur Festival is somewhat dangerous, it is part of the tradition of the people of this country. Gaur is the image that people think of when it comes to Spain. If you have the opportunity to travel to Europe, would you dare to try this festival?