Falcon Race: a billion-dollar sport of Arab billionaires (part 2)

By | October 7, 2020

The falcon is a symbol of strength and speed in the wild. Among the breeds of eagles, the gray eagle makes billionaires fascinated because it is the fastest animal in the animal world. A dive, flying from the air down to capture the prey of the gray eagle can reach a speed of 389 km / h, which is far away from Usain Bolt in every race. So, cash or super car is only symbolic in each race. Because the person who owns the fastest bird is the only one who has the right to be proud of the rest.

The UAE calls their falcon race under the name Fazza Championship for Falconry, which is the worldwide falcon racing championship. A total of about 150 birds are brought to the competition by billionaires. It has a clear high-low rating like a national championship soccer league. However, for those with a lot of money, their falcon will have a slightly higher ranking priority upon registration.

Imagine each bird as a team to see the fierce competition of falcon races. Therefore, the princes do not regret the money to recruit good coaches to train their pets. Many professional sports athletes from Europe accept to give up on top competition to switch to being a falcon coach because of better treatment, but it’s not that easy.

Before entering the profession, each coach must graduate from a professional falcon training course, with the class leader being seasoned and aged coaches. There, they have to go through a rigorous study period to learn how to tame the hawks and take care of them in their best condition. But the most important is still the tactic to finish first on each race. The most interesting exercise is always to train the bird’s reflexes and speed by letting them capture live prey. The prey is usually a few pigeons or chickens.

Raising a falcon is like managing a football team. The coach had to work hard every day teaching birds to fly over sandy deserts and hot winds. Only in that way can the falcon be healthier, more resilient. The most well-trained birds can fly 10km continuously in the air, but to do so takes a year of training. So each batch of eagles comes out like a football season.