Falcon Race: a billion-dollar sport of Arab billionaires (part 1)

By | September 23, 2020

Sir Alex Ferguson was such an avid horse racing enthusiast that he devoted an entire chapter of his memoir to writing about it. But even a millionaire like Sir Alex could not afford to pursue falcon racing. It is the private game of a few Arab billionaires who never run short of money.

€200,000 is a great deal to help ordinary wage earners live well in their old years. Others can use that much money for business or travel. But with the Arab oil billionaires, it is only enough to buy, care and train a professional falcon. In the UAE 3 years ago, several people gathered together to hold a falcon race. And the main purpose is nothing but entertainment.

However, competition always has prizes. The winner receives 125,000 euros with a Bentley supercar, which is enough to pay back for the falconry. The rewards are great, but for the princes it is only symbolic. This is because the UAE is so rich that it buys a convertible supercar for the police on the road patrol. Falcon racing was simply a pastime for them to show off their riches and aristocracy with a Middle Eastern essence.

Since ancient times, the Arabs have raised and trained falcon to hunt or report. However, there was a reason other than the long tradition that oil princes were infatuated with this noble breed of birds of prey. The days of showing off riches with super cars, gold chains and chaotic parties are over. Even owning a few football teams is also an indulgent pleasure to be. For a noble, what could be cooler than the sight of a large bird perched on the back of his hand?

Therefore, the luxury eagle races have been organized just for entertainment and to show the coolness of the Arab billionaires.