Basic aspects of betting on horse racing. Is it possible to earn money from them ?

By | March 14, 2020

Horse racing is one of the most popular sports in a number of countries. The United States, Australia , Britain, and the United Arab Emirates are just a small list of countries where horse racing is a mega popular phenomenon. The development of horse racing in the United States could happen much faster if it were not for local state laws that prohibit betting activities. Australia seems to have taken an interest from its British friends, who are very keen on them. And the Emirates has some of the best stables in the world, as well as some of the most expensive and prestigious races. The owners of these plants are the Ministers of the UAE, so horse racing there is put on the state level, and all this must be multiplied by the level of security of this country.

The key here is the shape of the horse. That is, the places that she took in previous races. The more prizes, the better for us. But in addition to places, you also need to take into account the level of these races. The races themselves are of various types : for beginners, maidens, etc. Google them if you are interested. The important thing here is that if a horse takes good places in races for beginners, this is not a guarantee that, say, in maidens everything will be OK. It is better to look at the speed of passing the distance, although this is not the key point, because depending on the course of the race, the horses may not show good speeds during the race, but only demonstrate the finishing spurt. It depends on the specific race.

Distance is no less important. It is important that your horse ran such distances earlier in the race . If you see that a horse specializes in something else (which is not often the case), there is reason to think : is it really worth taking it?

The numbers under the jockey’s clothing are the days since the last start. This is a very delicate point. Yes, the horses are tired, too, and they need rest. If the horse improves its results, you don’t have to worry : everything will be fine. But if the horse often runs, the results even begin to deteriorate slightly in the projection for several races, it is better not to take even the favorite in this case.

Much more interesting is what happens to horses during long breaks. And anything can happen to them: changing the shape of a horse can happen dramatically. Breaks are also much more than a year. Bookmakers are afraid of such situations and give, as a rule, inflated kefs on such horses. It happens that a very long time does not perform a great horse, and then for, say, kefir rips absolutely easily rivals. Such horses need to be caught. The subtle moment when a horse changes owner and trainer during a break, such horses are best avoided: it is unclear what to expect from them. At the same time, it is not uncommon for an absolutely ordinary horse to start burning after a change of trainer. And if the horse after a long pause is given a very huge CSF – this is an excuse to take Each-Way.

If you plan to bet on British horse racing, then information / statistics – a car and a small cart. Knowledge of English at least at the secondary school level should allow a person to easily navigate it (if you are with English or boom-boom, then it is better not to do jumps at all, since there are no Russian-language sources). On the site above – a storehouse of information about horse racing: strategies, sites with forecasts, racetracks, a sea of other information.

Now about the so-called “tipsters”. Is it useful to consider other people’s opinions? Some people think it’s better to think with your own head. This is true, but I recommend that you read other people’s forecasts( and make them yourself). There is a very interesting OLBG resource for this purpose. There you can read forecasts with arguments for almost every horse. You should not blindly believe them, but if you see that your opinion coincides with the opinion of many successful cappers(statistics are kept there) , then this is great. You can also participate in capper competitions there and win some money (I myself won about $ 30 there when I started betting). A very useful forum can help you form an opinion about horses.

Timeform forecasts are also very interesting (they are written on the betfair website). Sometimes there are very interesting horses in their forecasts of winners, and even for attractive kefs.

Types of bids

Betting on the winner is a classic. Finding the winner in a race (especially where there are 3-4 approximately equal CSF participants) is an art. And an even greater pleasure is to find a winner-an underdog with a CSF from 15 to 53(and I’ve had this before)

Bid for places. A wider range of winning places for the participant. I don’t use it often, but someone likes it.

Each-way. The most popular bet option. Those who bet on outsiders especially liked it. Read the rules. One of my favorite views.

Who is higher? Or duels between 2 horses. Everything is transparent : the one who comes higher takes the money.