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What to Know About Dog Racing (part 1)

Dog racing is a sport that uses speed racing dogs to finish. Today it is considered a competitive industry in which Greyhound dogs are racing around a track that is widely watched. The chasing dogs will chase a false prey until they reach the finish line. Like horse racing, greyhounds usually allow the public to… Read More »

Melbourne Cup: how Australia’s signature race lost its hold on the nation

The chance of raising a horse race from a spot sporting occasion to a countrywide symbol is that, whilst the state adjustments, so too should the event. That is the task dealing with the organisers of the Melbourne Cup, who are torn among upholding the traditions of an inherently conservative recreation and attempting to maintain… Read More »

The Dog Sled Race in Kamchatka, Russia

The dog sled contest has been held annually on the Kamchatka Peninsula since 1990. It is increasingly attracting more participants. Dog sleds are an important means of transportation in the Arctic region, helping transport and travel in areas inaccessible by other methods. They have successfully used sled dogs in expeditions of both polar regions, as… Read More »

Halt of greyhound racing rallies San Diego-area animal rescue groups

The brief closing of Tijuana’s 365-day-a-12 months greyhound racing operation because of the call for for social distancing has rallied nearby animal rescue businesses. The Helen Woodward Animal middle, which runs a force-through puppy meals (and human meals) giveaway for local families in need, dispatched three hundred pounds of canine meals to the kennels of… Read More »

Australian horse racing continue despite coronavirus scare

Racing, inclusive of greyhound racing, is one of the remaining organised sports activities nevertheless running in Australia after shutdown regulations – consisting of the banning of mass gatherings, interstate border restrictions and recommendations towards non-crucial tour were installed vicinity this week. The NRL indefinitely suspended its season on Monday, the A-League on Tuesday and the… Read More »