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We sell: Horse rug cleaner, Horse rug wash, Horse rug waterproofer, Horse rug re-proofer, Horse rug proof, Spray on waterproofing, Horse rug bacteria remover, Home sanitizing sprays, Home deodorising sprays, Pet bedding cleaner, Hand creams & Body creams.

Animals Care (UK) is an amalgamation of our dog and horse intersets split into four categories. Category one is ourHorse Rug Care’ products, category two is our dog home boardingdog walkingdog sittingpet sitting under our banner of  ‘Safe in our Care’, here in Norfolk, category three is our ‘Pet & Home Care’ products for people with animals and category four is our ‘Personal Care’ products which are hygienic and well being products  for us.


Animals Care – Rug Care’ Cleaner and Re-Proofer

have been tested and are recommended by

‘In Harness’ magazine;

they say we are BEST for results and value.

(to see their review click here).


(Horse rug treatment system)

At Animals Care we sell horse rug wash, horse rug cleaner, horse rug waterproof, horse rug re-proof and other horse rug treatment products.

A number of years ago when we ran a riding school, with over thirty-five horses, one of the twice yearly tasks was to clean and re-waterproof the horses rugs and blankets. At that time we found a cleaning and treatment system that was second to nothing else that was available. Not only did it clean and re-proof the rugs, but it also removed unwanted bacteria, fungi and algae along with producing a cooling effect to the horses summer blankets. Unfortunately, those cleaning & treatment products just seemed to disappear from the market.

However, Animals Care have been able to track down these products and have obtained their formula, which we have decided to market as ‘Rug Care’. Consequently, due to our lack of overheads we are able to sell these exceptional products at very affordable prices.

Tested and recommended by

‘In Harness’ magazine;

they say we are BEST for results and value.

(to see their review
click here).

Nancy from Somerset says: “The result is excellent, much better than Nikwax.”

Giving a top rate horse rug cleaning and treatment system

up to 60% cheaper / wash * 😉

than top industry brands.

Animals Care – Safe in our Care
(Dog & Horse boarding)

For dog home boarding in Norfolk, look no further! We are a family run business, situated between Dereham & Hingham in central Norfolk and have had horses and dogs for Henry, Mackie and Cindy over thirty years. We are located in a lovely, quiet village and have large gardens and paddocks.At‘Safe in our Care’ our main priority is that your animal has a ‘holiday’ of their own whilst you are away, for what ever reason, from them. They are generally taken on two walks per day in different locations, one of them for at least an hour and a short one in the evenings, older dogs that need less are obviously adjusted accordingly. We have never yet had a dog that hasn’t thoroughly enjoyed its stay and is very happy to come back. Book early to avoid disappointment, we only take a few at a time.

Animals Care – Pet & Home Care
(deodorisers, sanitizers, shampoos & cleaners.)

In the past we have purchased all kinds of  lotions and potions to ‘deodorise’, ‘sanitize’, ‘condition’, ‘clean’ etc etc our dogs and home, but they all just seemed to ‘mask’ the smell for a short while and it soon returned. Having spent a considerable time talking to chemists and chemical blenders to perfect our ‘Animals Care – Rug Care’ system, we decided to do the same for the small animal world, wanting to produce the best possible sprays on the market that didn’t just cover up smells for a while but would actually eliminate a multitude of smells as well as protecting our beloved pets from harmful bacteria. These products are being marketed under our ‘Animals Care – Pet & Home Care’ brand and we will endeavour to continually update and improve these products wherever possible.

Animals Care – Pet Cares’ home sprays and pet bedding cleaner have been tested and are recommended by ‘Park Lifestyle’, they say An innovative company has now come up with a range of anti-bacteria and odour free products which help when and where it’s not so easy to clean and disinfect (especially if you have pets or need to get into tight spaces where dodgy smells can be hard to get rid of). These products also have additional potential health benefits.”

(to see their review click here).

Animals Care – Personal Care
(for hygienic and well being products.)

As Animals Care continue to grow our product range, it became apparent that we were neglecting what ‘Antimicrobial Silver’ can do for us. We have therefore added both a Hand Cream and a Body Cream to both protect us and help relieve skin irritations. ‘Animals Care Personal Care’ will continue to improve its products, using only proven and tested ingredients to ensure that our products do exactly what the label says.

* see price statement.

For our Customers protection we have not registered Animals Care (UK) as an acting Limited Company with Companies House, we remain an unlimited Company, which basically means that our Customers are protected no matter what and that we will ALWAYS be there for our Customers.


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